Orange fruit is a power pack of many health benefits mainly it increases the immunity of the body. Here are some of the best health benefits:

1. Best Alkalizer:
Oranges are rich in alkaline minerals, it helps to balance body pH values.

2. Prevent Cancers:
Orange fruits are rich in citrus limonoids, which helps to prevent cancers like skin, lung, stomach, breast and colon.

3. Increase immunity:
Oranges are rich in Vitamin C, so it protects your body due to damage of free radicals. Even it fights against cough, cold, fever.
I suggest you try to consume daily two oranges like that to prevent various diseases.

4. Prevent Heart diseases:
Oranges contain Herperidin which helps in lower blood pressure and folate protects from cardiovascular disease.

5. Lowering cholesterol:
Oranges that contains limonin, which helps to reduce bad cholesterol present in the body.

6. Reduce Diabetes:
Oranges are rich in fibers which helps in lower the sugar levels in the body. It is the best fruit for diabetes patients. Consume orange juice regularly, it has great chances to reduce your diabetes.

7. Protect from kidney diseases:
Regular intake of Orange juice protects from the formation of kidney stones.

Note: Daily have Orange juice moderately because it may affect tooth decay. Try to have Orange juice by using a straw, so that it may not affect your teeth.

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