Dandruff is a common disorder problem on the scalp. It occurs mostly due to fungus or bacteria present on the scalp. It feels more itching on the scalp. Here are some health tips to overcome dandruff problems.

  1. Take some Onion juice and apply it for hair to prevent dandruff.
  2. Lemon juice applies it for hair after some time does bath. After few days dandruff will reduce. During this process should not apply any oil to your hair.
  3. Take some natural curd and keep it air-condition place (outside) for three days. Later you start applying to your hair and massage it well. After some time you do the bath. Through this process reduces dandruff easily.
  4. Applying coconut oil to the scalp and massage it well. After half an hour washes your hair. Do this process weekly 3 to 4 times. It reduces dandruff naturally.
  5. Apply lukewarm Olive oil to ur hair and leave it for 20 minutes and later wash your hair. Do this process for weekly 3 to 4 times weekly.

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