Unknowingly if Scorpion bites that person will go in some shock or panic way. But no need to worry, Here are few health tips which can rid of pain and poison. Try to follow these steps.

  1. Onion juice applies it to scorpion bitten place and after that have some jaggery to get reduce pain fastly.
  2. By applying lemon juice and salt mixture in scorpion bitten place, then the pain will reduce immediately.
  3. Rock Candy sugar dip in water and make some paste. By applying it on scorpion bitten place, it reduces pain and poison also reduces.
  4. Take some green chilies and grind it well. Take that paste and apply it to Scorpion bitten place. It reduces pain fastly.
  5. Take some dried lemon seeds and make it powder. Take that powder and apply it to the scorpion bitten place. Thus gets relief from pain.
  6. Scorpion bitten place, another side ear. In that ear pour four drops of saltwater to reduce the poison.
  7. Take equal amounts of Assafoetida powder and lemon juice. Mix it well and make some paste. Apply that paste in scorpion bitten place. It reduces that pain quickly.

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