Usually due to heavy load of work, stress, strain, deadline work.. during this process will get a headache and get depressed with it. Few health tips which can get rid of headache.

  1. Take a smooth cloth and dip it in cold water with that wet cloth do slight massage on your scalp then it will reduce heat and make it cool. It reduces headache slowly.
  2. Take equal amounts of Sandel wood (ghandham) powder and camphor/Karpooram powder and mix it and apply it on your scalp then it reduces headache.
  3. Take some cow ghee and lemon juice mix it well and apply it on your forehead, then it gets relief from headache.
  4. Take lemon juice and add it a little salt, that mixture mix with grinned jagger, then apply it on the forehead and do little massage. After some time a headache will be a relief.
  5. By putting a few drops of jack fruit oil into the nose. It gives relief from headaches.

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