Cranberries are a versatile fruit and their benefits make them useful in food as well as in medicinal products. The Latin name for the cranberry plant is Vaccinium macrocarpon. It is one of the native fruits of North America.

Cranberries have a tremendous amount of antioxidant capacity as compared to other fruits and vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and apples.

The health benefits of cranberry juice include relief from urinary tract infection, respiratory disorders, kidney stones, cancer, and heart disease. It is also beneficial in preventing stomach disorders and diabetes, as well as gum diseases caused by dental plaque. Phytonutrients, which are naturally derived plant compounds, are present in cranberries and have been found to prevent a wide range of health problems.

Nutritional value of cranberry juice:

Cranberry juice has a remarkable amount of antioxidants when compared to other fruits and vegetables.

One cup of cranberries possesses 8983 antioxidant capacity.

It contains anthocyanin flavonoids, cyanidin, peonidin, quercetin, tannins and 87.13g of water per 100 g.

It is a good source of salicylic acid and Vitamin C.

It nourishes the body with carbohydrates, proteins and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and vitamins like niacin, riboflavin, Vitamin B6, E and K.

Health benefits of cranberry juice-

Prevents and relieves urinary tract infections (UTI)

Having pain or discomfort when passing urine? You may have a urinary tract infection.

Cranberry juice contains proanthocyanidins which have been shown to help stop bacteria from binding itself to the bladder walls. This means that the bacteria cannot multiply further in the bladder and flushes them out of the body. Cranberry juice also makes the urine more acidic, creating an unsuitable environment for bacteria to thrive.

Drink up, but do be careful how much you consume – cranberry juice is known to have high sugar content.

Cardiovascular health

Fill up those glasses, ladies. The flavonoids in cranberries can help lower the risk of heart problems and help boost your heart health.

Cranberries have also shown to help boost cholesterol. A study conducted by the American Chemical Society found that drinking three glasses of cranberry juice a day significantly raised levels of ‘good cholesterol’ by up to 121 percent.

Prevents tooth decay

When we think of cranberry juice and our teeth, we think about the acidity, which we know can have an effect on our enamel. But don’t be so quick to judge, cranberry juice can actually have a surprisingly positive effect on oral health too.

To get the most out of its benefits we recommend drinking it in its most natural form.

Aids weight loss

Often we think as soon as we ditch the diet coke and start drinking fruit juices we’re making healthier choices. But the sugar content in store-bought juice can often ruin your diet.

A glass of cranberry juice in the morning is a healthy option to start your day. It’s a perfect way to start your day with an antioxidant boost and fewer calories and it gives you time to wash away the extra acidity left on your teeth so you can enjoy it’s benefits to the fullest.

Prevents cancer

When it comes to cancer prevention taking advantage of cranberries’ superpowers isn’t a bad idea.

A study at Cornell University found that cranberry extract killed off cancer cells within hours when tested on human breast cancer cells.

Aids digestion

Cranberries are rich in fiber, helping the digestive system function smoothly leading to a healthy and happy stomach. But to make sure that you can enjoy these benefits you’re going to have to eat the berries whole or as part of a smoothie.

Rich in vitamin C

Rich in antioxidants, cranberry juice contains a high amount of vitamin C which is vital for immunity, mood and collagen production apart from neutralizing free radicals.

Healthy pregnancy

Because of the high levels of vitamin C cranberry juice is recommended for various conditions. The University Of Maryland suggests that taking vitamin C along with vitamin E may help prevent pre-eclampsia, a condition associated with high blood pressure and increased protein in a pregnant woman’s urine which can cause premature birth.

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